Data Erasure

Data Erasure

nesevo is Certified Business Partner of Certus

Data erasure by nesevo. We are a Certified Business Partner of Certus, the creator of the world‘s leading software solution for secure data erasure called Certus Erasure.

We offer wiping of all types of storage devices, be it server disks, storage arrays, HDDs or SSDs in PCs, laptops, tablets and even the internal memory of mobile phones. The service includes a certificate to document the successful deletion of all data on a device, with a reference to the part numbers and serial numbers of the disks as well as the devices they were installed in.

Data erasure by nesevo

Certus Erasure includes numerous overwrite patterns that we can choose from. Although from a technical standpoint, the one-time overwrite is sufficient and 100% secure, we can also offer wiping according to patterns that use multiple overwrite runs, if the customer wishes so (e.g. due to internal company policies). We recommend Standard Overwrite for HDDs and SATA Secure Erase for SSDs, though, because these patterns are, while being secure and standards-compliant, the fastest by far, which results in significant energy saving and thus is much more environment-friendly than multi-pass patterns.

The solution is certified to comply with all important international standards, including GDPR (EU), NIST (US), NCSC, ADISA and Common Criteria. Please see https://www.certus.software/en/ for full specifications.

Data Erasure by nesevo. If you want to know more, please contact us.


Data Erasure Reports

Data erasure by nesevo

data erasure report

Detailed report about all erasure activities. 

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