Disk Shredding

Disk Shredding

Data Erasure is not an option? No problem, we’re shredding devices, too … 

If certified data erasure is not an option for you and you require your data bearing devices to be physically destroyed, we can help you with that, too.

We run a Untha RS30 shredding machine in one of our warehouses. It can destroy SSDs, HDDs or even whole mobile phones and tablet computers. Only fragments the size of a few millimeter remain.

We scan the serial number of every device that we destroy right before it enters the shredder. The scanned data are matched against a list of expected serial numbers in real time, so we never destroy a device that’s not on the list. At the end of the process, we also have the proof that no device was forgotten.

The remaining e-waste is recycled by our ISO certified recycling partner in Austria. You will receive a recycling certificate together with calculated information regarding the amount of CO2 saved.

Shredding hard disks might seem like a waste of resources, but when properly recycled, it can help to reduce the amount of rare materials that have to be taken out of the ground to build new disks or other devices. Especially with older disks that cannot be reused, it is a good option. Needless to say, you don’t have to worry that anybody will be able to restore your data.

So, it can actually even be good for the environment, when done right.

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